Neville Glides in for Tea

Bill & Nicki Waters were enjoying an afternoon Cuppa at home with Nicki’s Brother and Sister-in-law when a lone glider appeared in the sky over the Martello Tower at Rye. To their astonishment it landed almost in their garden.

It turned out to be a hang glider, flown by the British Champion, Neville Almond. He was invited to join the group and related fantastic stories on how he travelled amazing distances on wind power alone.

Neville Almond Glides in.
Neville Almond Glides in.

The story of his flight from somewhere in England to Rye will be related in Nicki’s own words, as described to her by Neville,  in the May issue of “Rye’s Own” plus many more of his exciting adventures in the clouds.

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