Goodbye Shoey

By Jim Hollands


The Final Whistle

It is with great personal sadness that I report the death of ‘Shoey’ Bennett, The toughest chap that ever played for Rye United.

My dad took me to see almost every match Rye United played from 1946 to 1951. Shoey, Pickles and Blower were my idols. I watched Shoey play the entire second half of a match in great pain, there were no subs allowed in those days. After the game it was discovered he had been playing with a broken leg.

Shoey Bennett

He was around when Rye United was formed before the war and he was still alive to see their demise last year. He was an ardent supporter until the very end. If United do rise again there should be some part of the club named in his honour – The Shoey Bennett Stand would do. His spirit and energy was the driving force of that great 1950 team. Those that had the pleasure watching shoey and that great Rye team play will know what I am trying to say.

Now the final whistle has been blown – We shall never see his like again

A full tribute to Shoey will appear in next month’s magazine


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