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Entry Announcement May 1967 “Miss Rye’s Own”

Miss Rye's Own 1967The six young ladies pictured are the finalists in the 1967 Miss Rye’s Own Competition. You, our readers, are asked to judge the final. Just pick out who you think should be ‘Miss Rye’s Own, 1967’ and send a post card with your choice to— Miss Rye’s Own, Rye’s Own Office, 6 Cinque Ports Street, Rye. Sign your name on the card—you may have only one vote, but more than one vote can be registered on each card if all voters put their signatures next to their selection.

The Finalists

All votes must be received by first post on Saturday, 20th May 1967


The winner of this exciting competition will become ‘Miss Rye’s Own 1967’ and will appear as Cover Girl in our July issue. The winner will also receive a free hair-do, a set of studio photos and a £5 voucher for cosmetics.


1. Bridget Boreham—16 year old schoolgirl study­ing for her C.S.E. Bridget is very keen on looking after children and her ambition is to become a Nanny. She has hazel eyes and light brown hair and lives in Udimore Road.

2. Linda Dunn—Linda is a student at the Hastings College of Technology. Her ambition is to travel and she would especially like to see Greece. This grey eyed, long haired lass hails from Winchelsea Beach. Her hobby is walking.

3. Lesley Laine—19 year old blonde office clerk, Lesley is a keen ice-skater. Her ambition in life is to see the world. Lesley has gre yc~& and lives in Marley Road.

4. Rosemary Deadman—1 8 year old Rosemary is a toy maker with a local firm. She has hazel eyes and dark brown hair and lives at Udimore. Her hobby is collecting records and her ambition is to meet Hermans Hermits.

5. Margaret Deadman—Margaret is Rosemary’s elder sister. She also works as a machinist at the same toy firm. 20 year old Margaret’s hobby is making clothes. Her ambition is to meet Cliff Richard. She has ice blue eyes and dark brown hair and lives at Udimore.

6. Linda Ashbee—16 year old Linda Ashbee is a hazel eyed brunette. Linda is a hair stylist and she lives at Udimore Road. Linda’s hobbies are dressmaking, dancing and buying clothes and her ambition is to travel, perhaps working on a liner as a hair stylist.


Linda Ashbee
Linda Ashbee
Rye's Own July 1967 Cover Girl
Rye’s Own July 1967 Cover Girl
Linda Ashbee Miss Rye's Own 1967
Linda Ashbee Miss Rye’s Own 1967


From the May & July 1967 issues of “Rye’s Own”

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