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Jimper has three new publications

All available from Channon’s Farmers Market

“Fishing in Rye Bay”

 Fishing in Rye Bay




Angel of the Coast

 I am the strongest, brightest of them all. I am also one of the most distinctive man made things along this stretch of frontier, the highest thing for miles. Strong and tall, I defy all weathers, even making a colossal noise if I cannot see far. The souls who pass in front of me look out for my distinctive shape and colour and offer up their thanks. On dark nights I am a landmark along their way. My brothers and sisters will take over from me later along the coast to help man in their quest for a safe voyage.

I am the keeper of the coast, their guardian Angel, called a ‘lighthouse.


Passport Please

Passport Please


Susan and Elizabeth had a passion for drawing dress designs and got me to supply them with the paper to draw on. Susan became my girl friend for over a year only one night to tell me she had to go away. Suspicion is rife among my mates as to the reason why, a trip by me and my mates to the address she gave me fails to locate her. With my old love gone I start to date Elizabeth who knows a secret of my old loves disappearance. Having seen a wedding dress design in one of Elizabeth’s books I am amazed too see the same design in a glossy magazine credited to Elizabeth by a fashion house claiming she is there up and coming star.  For the last year Elizabeth had been training at college to become a vet. One of my mates eventually finds Susan and she decides she has to visit England. The whole truth of her disappearance soon becomes plain as Susan is arrested and deported from France.


Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls
Girls, Girls, Girls



 Jimper has asked me to write an Introduction or his next work that is to comprise of a lot of us women.

I knew him in the sixties that he writes so much of and together danced at many of the halls in the area before I moved from Rye.

I wish to say of him that at no time was he not a gentleman, I so completely trust him not to divulge anything that would disgrace us, I do not think he is capable of doing a thing like that.

To us girls Jimper was the one to be trusted and we thought of him as our father figure, always buying us gifts and never expecting a favour in return.

I was so pleased when he eventually married and hope she was the one he talked about. She is a very lucky girl.

    All my love, The shy one.                               Dorset.


“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Wednesday 2 December 2015

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