Inter-Club 10 Miler

There was a large turnout for the Annual Inter-Club Ten Mile Time Trial on the Romney Marsh Newchurch / Ivychurch circuit recently

Almost forty riders turned out for the race, although, due to punctures, two riders did not make it to the starter and a further two failed to finish.

Rye Wheeler, Steve Gooch (24.18) was the fastest rider on the day with Thornton’s Adam Eastwood (24.43) in second place. Ashford Wheelers took the next five places and won the Scatch Team Trophy by a good margin.

The much sought after Handicap Cup was won by the Thornton Road Club team with their first first riders recording a plus time of 9 minutes 47 seconds.

Rye Wheeler, Steve Gooch, was fastest rider on the day

The Handicap Team results were based on 5 riders with the last three seasons times as markers.

The Scratch Team results were based on 6 riders.

Team results as follows:

Handicap Thornton +9:47 Rye +10.27 Ashford +11.04

Scratch Ashford 2:35:39 Rye 2:45:55 Thornton 2:47:03

Congratulations to Adam Eastwood who was fastest on Handicap with a personal best improvement of 1min. 4secs and a very well done to Nigel Tamplin and James Fosbury who both recorded personal best times.

Paul Simpson and Esther Carpenter were the timekeepers and Andy Croft pusher-off. Event organiser, Steve Gooch would also like to thank Ros and her crew for the teas, every marshal and all the riders who made the event such an outstanding success.

RESULTS 2014 Inter-Club Event

Steve Gooch                    Rye                       24:18

Adam Eastwood              Thornton          24:43

Andy Branson                Asford                 24:45

Scott Wiseman                Ashford             25:32

Stewart King               Ashford                   25:44

Steve Clarke                   Ashford                 25:44

Colin Woolard               Ashford               25:50

Nick Wood                      Thornton             25:55

James Fosbury            Rye                           26:30

Sam Robinson              Ashford               26:33

Matthew Stammers        Ashford          27:06

Trevor Hammond         Thornton         27:18

Nigel Tamplin                  Hastings         27:23

Don Houghton                 Thornton       27:33

Nigel Fox                           Rye                  27:38

Lee Buckman               Ashford           27:38

Pav Bryan                        Rye                    27:38

Mike Newman              Ashford            27:43

David Hampton            Ashford           27:56

Mark Fosbury               Rye                   28:12

Rod Harrow                 Rye                    29:06

Brian Patterson              Thornton       29:32

Tony Holman                 Rye                  30:07

Chris Parker                   Hastings        30:18

Oliver Chapman          Hastings          30:27

Don Dewer                  Ashford            31:48

Jon Fin-Kelcey           Thornton          31:02

Jim Hollands                   Rye                 32:20

Malcom Spearman             Thornton     32:35

Eric Bates                       Thornton           33:53

Oliver Eastwood             Thornton           36:50

Gary Curley                    Ashford           DNF

Nick Wilson                  Rye             DNF

Jeff Woodcock            Thornton               DNS

Steve Ratcliff                Thornton                DNS

Rye’s Own May 2014

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