Hastings Man Sentenced to Life

Hastings man sentenced to life imprisonment for sex assaults on girls

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of sexual offences against four young girls.

Marcus Hannon, 35, is one of three people from Hastings who have been sentenced on Friday (15 July) over the systematic sexual abuse of a 13-year old girl.

He was also sentenced for sexual assaults on three other young girls.

After a five-week trial at Lewes Crown Court, Dylan Quantrill, 20, of no fixed address, Marcus Hannon, of no fixed address, and a woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted on Monday 9 May of a series of offences.

Quantrill and Hannon were each found guilty of four offences of rape against the girl.

The woman was found guilty of three offences of child cruelty, and attempting to pervert the course of justice by asking a school friend of the victim to get her to change her statement.

After a separate nine-day trial at Lewes Crown Court Hannon was found guilty on 16 June of further historic sex attacks on three other young girls from Sussex and Manchester.

On 15 July, Judge Shani Barnes sentenced Hannon to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 10 years, and Quantrill to a total of nine years imprisonment with an extended licence supervision period of five years. The woman was sentenced to a total of five years.

The vulnerable 13-year-old girl was taken to the Isle of Wight In August 2015 where she was raped by Hannon and Quantrill in a ‘threesome’. She was then taken by the group to Manchester where she was further raped by Quantrill. Later in September that year she was again taken to the Isle of Wight where Hannon then again raped her.

Detective Inspector Ben Newman of the East Sussex Safeguarding Investigations Unit said; “The group stayed at guest houses in Ryde and at the derelict Harcourt Sands Holiday Park on the island where Hannon and Quantrill raped the young girl.  They then travelled to Manchester where Quantrill raped her again, before returning to the Isle of Wight where Hannon then raped her again.

“We seized items of luggage that contained a number of sex toys, and following Rydeexamination of several items of the young girl’s underwear forensic traces attributable to Hannon and Quantrill were found.

Ben Newman added; This was an appalling case of child sexual abuse, in which this 13-year old child was groomed, exploited and was then systematically sexually abused.

“While this investigation was taking place last autumn, three other victims of Hannon were identified. They to were extremely brave in coming forward, summoning up the courage to say what had happened to them and then giving evidence during a separate trial.

“On 16 June this year Hannon was found guilty of eight further offences, six rapes, and two of gross indecency. Between 2003 and 2012 he raped one of the victims who was initially under 14, several times. He also raped a vulnerable 15-year old girl several times he got to know during 2012, and another vulnerable victim, a 16-year old girl, in 2013, who he raped and also subjected to violence in 2013.

Detective Chief Inspector Ali Eaton said; “This was an appalling case in which three adults subjected a vulnerable young girl to sexual and physical abuse over several weeks. Hannon had also over many years targeted teenage girls, leaving them with lasting trauma from sexual abuse.

“This investigation first came to light because of our work in identifying and supporting vulnerable young people at risk of child sexual exploitation, and working patiently, with partners, to support them. We continue to prioritise the detection, prevention and disruption of this abusive crime against the most vulnerable children.

“It is good that the three are not now in a position to abuse young girls in the foreseeable future but we remind parents and carers that a range of support services are now available to help prevent situations developing into this horrific abuse.”

In sentencing Hannon, the Judge described him as “using his cunning and manipulative skills to prey on lonely and vulnerable young women, relentlessly moving on and repeating his destructive behaviour .”

She said Quantrill had systematically raped the girl and was a serious danger to young girls.”

Judge Barnes also commended the police investigators, Detective Inspector Newman, Detective Constable Lynsey Jamison, Kelly Buck, Hugh Charles, and PC Bizzy Malkin.

She said;”This has been an extra-complex and difficult investigation for you all, and your tasks to get accurate accounts were extremely difficult for you. You have been relentless and professional and not given up in prosecuting this case. I commend you as a professional and dedicated team and as a member of the community I am proud of you. Thank you for bringing this to a successful conclusion, you are all very special indeed.”

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Photos of Hannon (left) and Quantrill


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