Wheeler of the Wheelers


His name is Dave Wheeler, he rides for Rye Wheelers and this year
he has swept all before him.

He has raced to the very pinicle of his sport of Road Time Trialing.
He lives near Old Romney, you may have seen him out training on the
Romney Marshes where he spends many hours just riding his bike at
speed, “Getting the miles in” he will tell you.

His dedication has paid off this year. Last year it was Club Championships
he was winning, in 2009 it was up to a higher level, winning the Kent
Cycling Association Long (25 mile – 50 mile – 100 mile and Twelve
Hour) and short (10 mile -25 mile and 50 mile) distance Best All Rounder

Dave Wheeler of thr Wheelers
Dave Wheeler of thr Wheelers

The result is decided on the accumulated average speed. In the Short
Distance Dave’s speed of 27.847 mph is a KCA record, the best since
the KCA was formed more than eighty years ago.

His Long Distance KCA Best All Rounder Championship winning average
was 24.970 mph. He covered a total distance of over 425 miles at this
amazing speed.

He won the KCA “50” and several other open events and was a team winner
in the KCA “12 Hour” with Barry Goodsell and Bronwen Ewing (the first
lady ever to feature in a team win in the KCA event), beating the
sponsored Racing Club Elan team into second place.

Dave is one of the nicest chaps you could ever meet, he is modest
about his victories and will help any other racing cyclist with tips
and advice as to how they can improve their performance.

He is married with six children and fits his cycling around his family.
Getting the youngsters out on bikes with him at every opportunity.
Dave Wheeler is already training for next season and rumour has it,
he intends to have a go at winning the National 24 Hour Time Trial
Championship to be held on Sussex roads in 2011. This would be the
first individual National Championship won by a Rye Wheeler, unless
that is, Dave wins a shorter National Championship in 2010!

Ryes Own December 2009