Tilling Green Community Centre Celebrates Success of Volunteers


Volunteers from more than 12 locally developed projects came together at Tilling Green Community Centre, Rye, to celebrate their achievements within the Neighbourhood Enablers project, on Thursday 28th march. The volunteers had been brought together by Capacity Builder, Flora Williams, who worked with a wide range of people to develop their ideas into live projects, which would benefit their community.

The Neighbourhood Enablers project, funded by the Government’s Social Action Fund, was led by the Hastings Trust, in partnership with the Rye Partnership, Rother Voluntary Action and Hastings Furniture Service. The Neighbourhood Enablers project was hosted by the Rye Partnership in Rye, with the project working across the Rye and Eastern Rother area.

Rye Partnership Chairman, Cllr. Keith Glazier, said, “This project shows the power of working in partnership with other organisations. Working together to develop localised projects that meet local needs has given a much needed boost to the area. I would like to see much more of this kind of collaborative working in the future”

Local volunteer, Sophie Alstin, said “Being part of the project has not only benefited the local community, through the development of a project, but I have also benefited enormously, by what I have learned and the confidence it has given me. It has changed my life.”

The volunteers were joined by a range of dignitaries, including Rye’s Deputy Mayor, Bernadine Fiddimore and other Rye Town Councillors. Guests and volunteers were given the opportunity to network and to see examples of work and information that has been accomplished by the volunteer projects. The Chairs of the Hastings Trust and Rye Partnership, Esther Brown and Keith Glazier, handed out certificates of achievement to each of the projects.

Flora Williams, who was loudly applauded by the volunteers, spoke about the projects that had been achieved and the dedication and passion of local volunteers. Local projects range from a youth club for Winchelsea Beach and a poster competition against litter, through to a quilting group, a photography club and computer club for Tilling Green and a heritage group at Rye Harbour.

Flora said. “I am very sad that the project has come to an end. There are still projects that are at idea stage, waiting to be developed. If we had another six months we could have developed many more projects. However, I will still be working alongside the Rye Partnership and volunteering and keeping a hand in at the Tilling Green Community Centre. Many of the projects that have been developed will continue to go from strength to strength”

JC receives the certificate for the Tilling Green Computer Club

    Tilling Green residents Association Easter event

The Residents association, once again offered the community the opportunity to celebration Easter at the Tilling green Easter event held in the Centre on Saturday 31st march.

A big thank you to Mrs Frances Tolhurst M.B.E. (a resident of Tilling Green Estate) and Mr Graham Morrow from Amicus Horizon housing association who judged the Easter Bonnet decorating competition. All the hats looked beautiful and they were all winners, all the entries that went before the judges received a prize of their choice, a small Easter egg and a certificate for taking part. The Easter Bonnet making was organised by Daliea Redman supported by Donna Lake.

TGRA would also like to thank Michelle Paine whose Nifty Nippers dance group gave an excellent display (Michelle runs a session at the Centre every Wednesday morning, term time) .. The kiddies corner was organised by B Smith with free drinks and biscuits for all the children. Tea coffee and Hot Cross Buns were on sale and went down very well. Many photos of the event were taken by John Wylie, who runs the local photography club at the Centre. Rother Responders had a stand to display their life saving equipment, offering information about becoming a volunteer and asking the local community to support their future funding raising events (to raise the money needed to purchase the equipment).



 There was also face painting, raffles and the Scouts were fund raising for their new Scouts hut. Many thanks to all volunteers and people who helped to make the morning enjoyable, over 160 people from all over Rye attended the event. Valley Park residents joined in the event and also set aside one of the rooms to meet other members of their community who were interested in starting a residents group for Valley Park.

Also thanks to the Tilling Green Commu nity Friends (TGCF) for kindly arranging the transport for Mrs Tolhurst, who judged the competition. For those of you who have not heard of TGCF, they are a group of friendly people who offer Tilling Green and Badgers Gate Residents a helping hand, for Shopping, Gardening, Dog Walking, and other helpful services. Transport is also available for a minimal charge to cover costs incurred by the specially insured drivers. All the volunteers have been CRB checked. Please RING…07972 262 973 for further information.

TGRA are now already planning their summer event (date TBC) and hope to encourage more local residents to get involved and welcome the opportunity to work with other community groups being set up locally.

                 Motiv8 Youth Hub

Motiv8 Youth Hub is held at Tilling Green Community Centre for young people aged between 11 – 19 year olds; open Friday evenings 6.30 – 8.30pm. The club started with 18 members in August 2011 in partnership with Targeted Youth Support and Amicus Horizon; this has now grown to a regular attendance of 30 – 40 local young people. Supported by trained youth workers, Motiv8 offers young people a safe environment to meet, spend time with friends and to participate and enjoy various physical and creative activities, whilst learning an awareness of various issues regarding health and wellbeing and ways of making a positive impact on their local community.

Recently members were involved in presenting their ideas to a Strictly Youth forum, where they won funding for a cooking project and other activities, such as a team building trip to PGL.

Here are a few words from some of the members on why they come to the club:

“I come to youth club to play and meet mates and it keeps people healthy and motivated.”

“Hello there my name is J**** and I go to Tilling Green Youth Club, it is something to do and has lots of different activities, which are lots of fun. It is also a way to socialise with my friends on the estate. All in all it’s very enjoyable and fun.”

“I come to youth club because I get bored on my own and if I didn’t have youth club I wouldn’t be able to see my friends and I would get bored. There is nothing to do in Rye – it’s boring there’s nothing for children to do….also I like arts and crafts and to meet new friends.”

“Hello my name’s K****, and I come to Tilling Green Youth Club because it’s something to do on a Friday after school, we do lots of fun stuff like sports activities and discos, trips to PGL, it is a lot of fun. If it wasn’t for this youth club I would be even more bored. I’m so thankful Tilling Green Youth Club is here and I’m not bored as much as I was!”

“Hello my name is L****, I am 15 years old and I go to Motiv8 youth club. I go to Motiv8 youth club on a Friday to see friends and have a laugh, some of the activities we have done are PGL, which we won a bid from a young person’s Dragon’s Den event. We have also had Discos, dance sessions, cooking, arts and crafts and many more fun activities. If we didn’t have youth club kids would be bored and out late which is dangerous.”

From the May 2013 “Rye’s Own”

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