The Madonna Car

From Rye’s Own April 2013 issue

This fabulous Rolls Royce Cloud 2 convertible reputedly carried Madonna to her wedding to Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle on 22 December 2000 will be featured at The War & Peace Revival at Folkestone Racecourse in July.

Security was so tight at the famous Scottish Castle that even top newsmen and photographers from all round the world were unable to get access to privileged information. Even the date of the marriage was kept a close secret. Speculation was rife but Skibo bosses had threatened staff with instant dismissal if they breathed a word about the ceremony.

Guests at the Wedding included Gwyneth Paltrow, Rupert Everett, Stella McCartney (who is said to have designed Madonna’s dress), Sting and Ali G.

The Madonna car was owned by the Castle, and although there were no pictures of Madonna in the vehicle it is pretty certain that she was transported in the Rolls on several occasions throughout her stay in Scotland.

It was reported at the time that Madonna and Guy planted an oak sapling in the castle grounds. The tree is still growing well at the Castle but the marriage died in 2008 when the couple were divorced.

The Madonna Wedding Car
The Madonna Wedding Car

From “Rye’s Own” April 2013 issue