The Grain Store


More talk of turning the car park at The Strand into a Continental style Piazza brought back memories of what this area was used for in days past.

The picture shows three farm wagons drawn by strong cart horses, delivering grain to Stonham’s warehouse. This was a sight that could be seen right up to and through the Second World War. It was not until the surplus of Army lorries became available at knock down prices that local farms could afford, or see economic sense, to purchase petrol driven vehicles to transport the harvest to town. The horses were still used on some farms right into the 1950’s but tractors had displaced them almost completely by the turn of that decade.

The Grain Store
The Grain Store

The picture below was probably taken in the years just prior to the War.

The buildings are currently used as antique shops and the area is now known locally as the Antique Quarter.

Rye’s Own May 2005

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