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Dear Editor,

Reading about the various bus services in and around Rye reminded me of our first holiday at a simple holiday home on Front Ridge at Winchelsea Beach in 1962. We could see the bus arrive through the kitchen window and made a mad dash along the little road to catch it at the terminus – an excellent service. The children loved that dash and also having the beach ‘over the ridge’!

My mother and her sister moved to Rye a few years later and we then spent our holidays with them with a backdrop of Camber Castle.

But then in the late seventies my mother rang to say that on her visit to doctor’s surgery, which was next to the Red Cross in the High Street, she had met Dr. Cardew. He had been our G.P. when we lived in Dormansland in Surrey in the 40’s and 50’s. It turned out he was the locum and lived in the area! He used to play cricket with my father Alf Craft and later my future husband. When, in the early 80’s, I came to take care of my mother Dr. Cardew was very kind to us and surprised by the coincidence. I wonder if he is still around and, if so, perhaps someone in your office will be able to pass on my thanks to him.

We still have an old friend of ours of 91 who still lives comfortably at St. Bartholomews Court and we miss Dot Sargent who died at Christmas time but we love Rye and hope it is not spoilt and we still hope to continue visiting for some time yet!!

I shall certainly keep up my subscription to “Rye’s Own” as it is such a good read and for reminding us of the past and keeping us up to date with current events in Rye

Jean Saunders (Nee’ Craft) Weston-super-Mare

Dear Editor,

I used to live in Rye from 1975 to 1981 before moving to Bexhill . I now live in Lowestoft, Suffolk and am keen to trace Adrian Sams who I have tried contacting through Friends Reunited. I attended the Thomas Peacocke Community College and left in 1981. Please could anyone pass this on to him who knows him as I think he has changed email address. Thanks.

Chris Anley (Saunter)

Dear Editor,

I first found out about “Rye’s Own” when my family sent me a June copy and I came across the article about the local buses.

I knew Len Skinner and Stan Jempson well when I worked on East Kent during the sixties.

In 1977 I moved to Shepton Mallet in Somerset and lost most of my ties with Rye.

I would really like to get in touch with anyone from those good days on the red buses. I can be contacted through “Rye’s Own”

Jerry Dowell    Shepton Mallet.

Dear Editor,

I would like to record how much I enjoyed Jimper’s first novel, “Moon Girl” which I came across in a bookshop in Hay-on-Wye during the summer.

I did not connect it with Jimper Sutton from Rye until I saw his photo on the back cover. I read it from cover to cover without putting it down and was much moved by the ending.

I knew Jimper back in the 1960’s and spent many happy hours watching him fish his nets on the beach at Winchelsea.

I have had the occasional “Rye’s Own” sent by friends in Rye over the years and always read his articles with interest.

He seems to have become very famous over the years. I was amazed to see him on television twice in one month and have heard of his exploits second-hand from a friend who still lives in Rye. She told me he was once a Rye Councillor but I think she may have been telling fibs about this.

I live in Wales now but I often think about those lovely teenage years spent at Winchelsea and of the handsome young man who was so country wise and always full of interesting anecdotes. I regret once refusing his invitation to take me dancing at Winchelsea New Hall, shyness I suppose. I am still too shy to reveal my name but I wish him a long, successful and happy life.

“Bashful” Wales.

Rye’s Own July 2005

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