Need these Gates be Closed Forever?

Part of a sermon preached by Rev. J.R. Williams at 11 am.  in the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Rye

Rye to Lose it’s Railway

Rye's Own October 1969
Rye’s Own October 1969

Dare I make a comparison between the life of lepers that once was and our lives which are to be, if the law is passed? I refer to the cutting of our lines of communication by depriving us of railway trains. They are of vital importance for so many and motor cars and buses are no substitute – roads and parking places are already overcrowded and travelling times will be greatly increased.

Those in far off places who make the laws – have you properly considered what the Channel Tunnel and the proposed London overspill in the Hastings area will mean with all the extra people coming and going? Have you considered the vast increase in the summer population and what this will, mean if all have to travel here by road? And there are many other good reasons why the railway line should not be closed. You will argue that the country cannot afford to continue to lose money on something which is not paying its way and that your decision is for the good of the country as a whole. I question this, for if your law comes into effect it will affect adversely the lives of many thousands of people who live, work and relax in this part of England.

Need these Gates be Closed Forever

One Less Tank or Bomber

If necessary you must be prepared to lose money on this section of the rail system so that thousands may live in greater peace and ease. Where is the money to be found? I suggest economy in other directions. Build one less tank or bomber – that would pay for our railway line. Increase the trust between nations and let’ s stop sniping at each other. Other nations too could have one less tank or bomber – they too could have their little railway lines and so thousands of Russians or Japanese or Chinese could enjoy greater peace or ease. Your decision on this one point could be a step to greater peace in the world.

Christ healed when there was faith. He still can and does heal. God knows and we know that a great deal of healing is needed in the world. Let us ask that those who lead and make laws may be truly inspired in. their thinking and doings. There could be another miracle of healing for which we could give thanks.

From the October 1969 issue of Rye’s Own