The Television Man

Jim Snr. had always been fascinated with television. He saw the 1949 F.A. Cup Final, along with a crowd of about 20, including son, Jim Jnr., squeezed into a small room at Jack Ashenden’s house in Cyprus Place. Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Leicester City by three goals to one. He told Young Jim on the walk home that for the next year’s final they would have a television of their own. Continue reading The Television Man

Rye Legend – Harry Phillips


by The Editor

I recently read an account of one of Harry Phillips’ exploits when he was a pilot in the RAP. Cliff Bloomfield, a young lad at the time, witnessed a twin winged RAF fighter, a Hawker Hart, ‘dive bombing’ the shipyard. This would have been in the early thirties.. He later learned, in conversation with Harry, that Harry was the pilot. Apparently it lead to a Court Marshal as there were complaints about the incident. Harry was exonerated however and survived to tell the tale. Continue reading Rye Legend – Harry Phillips