Did Shepway Councillors Accept Bribes?

Just Released by Sellindge Village Residents Association



Posted: 18 Dec 2016 05:29 AM PST

Dear Residents,
As promised, we said that we would bring you more details of a press release by Lydd Airport Action Group pertaining to suspected bribes being accepted by Shepway District Councillors.
If you are of the mind that SDC Councillors make a habit of voting against the wishes of local residents, as they are with the Lorry Park and Otterpool 12,000 housing estate, you wouldn’t be wrong.
It appears that they are running to form with the Airport fiasco as well. We’ll leave you to decide what the reason for that could be.
Here it be:
Kent Crime Commissioner urged to speed up delayed Police investigation into suspected bribes accepted by Shepway District Councillors Continue reading Did Shepway Councillors Accept Bribes?