Rye Church Clock

Over 5,000 Windings

He Wound Rye Church Clock 5,000 Times In Seven Years

A clipping from a 1930’s Newspaper

Seven years ago today Mr. Frederick Nash, of Rye Parish Church, Sussex started winding the oldest working clock in the world. Ever since then he has turned its giant “key” twice a day. This evening he will wind it for the 5114th time. Continue reading Rye Church Clock

The Magic of Rye

By Jo’ Vincent

What gives Rye it’s special appeal? Some say the magnetic quality is centred on the Quarter Boys who guard the Church Clock and ring out the quarters. Old Rhodes did say “The sound of the Quarter Boys will draw you further than gunpowder can blow you”. This has proved the case so many times when old Ryers, who have spent many years overseas return to the town where they were brought up. Continue reading The Magic of Rye