Spicing Up Wild Boar

Rye Spicing up Wild Boar Week

This year the Rye Spice Co Ltd have embraced Rye’s Wild Boar Week and applied their impressive knowledge of herbs and spices to bring two special new products to the event; Wild Boar Seasoning and Wild Boar Rub. “To start off, I put sage and onion together which is commonly used to season pork” explains Glenn Hollands, co-owner of the Rye Spice Co. Ltd. “Wild Boar has a stronger taste, however, so I added cracked black pepper and smoked paprika to bring out the game flavour. Finally I added pink peppercorns which are slightly sweeter to set the mix off.” Both of these new products are a fantastic accompaniment to Wild Boar (or pork for that matter) and can be purchased directly from the Rye Spice Co. Ltd. in Rye Harbour. Samples are available for restaurants taking part in Wild Boar Week.

Wild Boar Country  -  Woods near Rye
Wild Boar Country – Woods near Rye


“This is just one of the excellent ways in which the town is engaging with the food event this year.” says organiser Oliver Campion, “We’ve also had fantastic input from the Old Dairy Brewery and Biddenden Vineyards. We are looking forward to some imaginative extras and events and it’s already looking certain that there will be many more restaurants taking part.”

From the October 2013 Issue of “Rye’s Own”.