Rye’s Own Editorial August 2000

The time flies by and August is here. “Rye’s Own” seems to have re-established itself to its former popularity. Thank you for all your adverts, letters, phone calls and messages, it is nice to know our efforts are being appreciated.

This magazine was always a market leader when it came to advertising, partly because a paid for publication is a valued thing and is never dispensed with until it has been read from cover to cover. Even then many are kept for future reference as can be seen by the number of people who tell us they still have complete sets from the sixties and seventies. Look after them, they make as much as £5 each at auction and in the local collectors shops.

The other reason “Rye’s Own” is the best local advertising medium is because it supports Rye businesses in a unique way, giving much space in its editorial columns to reports of special events and tit-bits of information about local shops and businesses that will interest our readers. You don’t have to advertise to be included but as there is constant contact with advertisers, delivering accounts and collecting copy etc., it is natural to expect far more information and copy to be picked up from those that do advertise.

The final reason for advertising in the pages of this publication is because it is cheaper per square inch than any other medium and contrary to government instructions we are happy to work in inches to accommodate those, like ourselves, who cannot get to grips with centimetres.

There are several regular contributors to “Rye’s Own” already, but we are looking for more, especially from organisers and secretaries of local clubs and societies. The magazine has an insatiable appetite for information, there is plenty of space in each issue to accommodate more up to the minute news of local activities. Please keep us informed, help us help you, that is what we set out to do.

You may have already noticed that the new “Rye’s Own” has a much more aggressive attitude towards any organisation or persons from outside our boundaries who threaten unwelcome changes or cause problems for Rye. We will endeavour to unite any group or body from within the town who are threatened from outside, be it by Central Government, District or Rother Council or by private developers.

Ryes Own Cover August 2000
Ryes Own Cover August 2000

We shall not be looking to make news out of disputes within the town. To gain any credibility Rye needs to show a united front, especially in the press. There are some very able people on the Town Council and though they have only advisory powers at present they can influence affairs greatly if they show a unanimous front on issues that are vital to the future of this Ancient Town.

Now that the government of the day has decided to do a u-turn over road building it is certain that a by-pass for Rye will be high on the agenda. There is bound to be massive disagreement over which route, South or North, the road should take. It might be a good idea if Rye Councillors thrashed this out behind closed doors with no leaks and came up with a consensus. Then they would have a stronger say in getting a quick solution to a traffic problem that is gradually shaking the foundations of this town to pieces.

On a lighter note it was nice to see among the many gathered celebrities at the Queen Mother’s Parade at the Horseguards, The Mayor of Rye Councillor Geraldine Bromley and Ex-Mayor Councillor Frank Palmer, The Queen Mother is Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and has always been a favourite of Rye especially since her visit here in the eighties.

“Rye’s Own” takes this opportunity, on behalf of the people of Rye, of wishing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, a very happy 100th. birthday.

“Rye’s Own” August 2000

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