Rye Wheelers Race History

Wheelers Race History Up to April 2004

Frank Brann the barber won the Rye & District Wheelers Hill Climb Championship in 1937 and was runner up in 1938

Jill Catt, the wife of Jim Catt won the Rye & Bexhill Inter Club 10 Mile Time Trial in 28-59 on 2 July 1939.

Jim Catt (right) with Jim Sergent at a change point in the epic 1946 Torch Relay
Jim Catt (right) with Jim Sergent at a change point in the epic 1946 Torch Relay

Rye Cycling Club and Rye Athletic Club organised the first Rye Sports Day on August Bank Holiday 1899. Their net profit was £3.
Bernie Dean won a K.C.A. Longmarkers 25 in 1953.

Gordon Lamb was the last Rye Wheeler to represent the club on a tricycle.

The Rye Wheelers had a Road Run in 1957. It was won by Malcolm Lock
and a report appeared on the front page of the ‘Sussex Express’.

The Ashdown Brothers had five uncles who were racing cyclists before
the War. Between them they won the Page Challenge Cup at Rye Sports
six years in succession.

The Rye Wheelers Hill Climb used to be held on Hogsborough Hill, Winchelsea.

The Rye Wheelers had a team of three in the 1958 Catford Hill Climb. The Catford Hill Climb was the first cycle race ever to be run in Britain.

Jon Ashdown at the Catford 1962
Jon Ashdown at the Catford 1962

John Ashdown represented the Club in the Catford in 1961, when the event was also the National Championship.

Mervyn Robbins won the Hastings Junior Invitation 15 Mile Time Trial in 1956.

The Club Championship “25” was won in club record time by Roy Fritchley in 2002.

Two Rye riders completed the E.S.C.A. 100 Mile time trial in 2003. They were the first Rye riders ever to compete in a “100”.

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