Rye Secondary School Team 1935

Won Every Competition

This photograph, sent to “Rye’s Own” by Iris Giles shows an amazing group of lads who were the Rye Secondary Modern Football team that swept all opposition before them and won every competition they played in during the 1934-35 season. They brought no less than four trophies back to Rye and were one of the most successful teams ever to turn out for the school. Some of the boys went on to play senior football for Rye United in the years after World War Two and were members of the great Rye team of those Post War years.

Among the team was Reg Giles . Reg died in 1997.

Other members of the team were Jimmy Jarret, Bob Horton and the Pope Twins.

These lads were all in the age group to volunteer or be ‘called up’ when the War Came along in 1939. Most of them saw action in one theatre or another.

Can readers identify the others and perhaps give a little potted history of their lives?

It is amazing how many people have brought in photographs and stories to the magazine. It is satisfying to know that, once recorded in these pages, they are ‘on the record’ for local historians of future years.

Copies of “Rye’s Own” from the 1960’s and 70’s are already used as a source of information and are sought after to the extent that copies that once sold for two shillings are now changing hands on e-bay for as much as twenty pounds.

“Rye’s Own” April 2005

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