Residents to March Against Establishment Again

Establishment Versus Electorate

A Press Release Issued by Sellindge & District Residents Association highlights the reasons for the Anti-Establishment vote via Brexit and the American Presidential election.   Who will vote for regimes that ride rough-shod over the views of their local electorate? It is claimed they are selling off our heritage to the highest bidder. There is no consideration for providing affordable housing for local young people.

Press Release issued by Sellindge & District Residents Association

A press release has been issued by Councillor Monk, Leader at Shepway District Council. It reads as if the Otterpool Town is a foregone conclusion or a done deal, but of course, it isn’t.
Councillor Monk says that he has met with various groups but didn’t actually mention the outcome. The local parish Councillors sent him off with a flea in his ear after taking a vote to have nothing to do with the Otterpool Town proposal.
It is obvious that Councillor Monk has been economical with the truth when expressing an interest to obtain Government funding for this ridiculous proposal whereby local support should be considered. Is this fraud?
The CPRE report on the building on brownfield sites carries weight and negates the need for using valuable agricultural land for housing. Shepway DC have chosen to ignore this well respected body and can only function, it appears, with £ signs in their eyes, with little regard for residents feelings or lifestyle.
Let us all remember that local housing needs are already being met as stated by Ben Geering, Chief Planner at SDC because he told us so. 12,000 houses is far in excess of what we require and will only become a dormitory town for London commuters.
Our area is changing for the worse. Our rural way of life will become urban, and it will be entirely due to the soulless individuals that purport to represent us. To say that they are economical with the truth is an understatement; It’s worse than that.
S&DRA, along with other groups will fight to protect our countryside, fight to counter the plans or proposals that seek to destroy way of life and ultimately look towards replacing the ‘so called’  representatives, that obviously have their own agendas, from local Government.
Back in August, we took to the streets of Hythe with well over 700 local’s protesting about developments across Shepway and beyond. It was a huge success and magnified the need for change in our areas.  Please look out for details of our next demonstration on this site.

Here’s what Shepway District Council have to say:

Otterpool Park – a Garden Town for the Future


The Leader of Shepway District Council says he is delighted that its bid for government  support for a new Garden Town in Shepway has been successful.


Cllr David Monk said:  “In response to a government call for Expressions of Interest in garden settlements, we submitted a bid. I am delighted that Otterpool Park – a Garden Town for the Future – has been chosen.


“Housing Minister Gavin Barwell’s announcement of support and capacity funding of £750,000 means we will be able to pursue our ambitions to create a new community where our children and their children can live, work and play.


“I have already met with many people, businesses and local parishes to discuss our ideas but nothing is set in stone yet. We do know that over the next 30 years we will need more homes and jobs for our children and grandchildren. Many in my generation have done well for themselves. I feel a deep obligation to make sure that we do not deny future generations the same opportunities that we had.”


The council and its partners will now work with residents in the district to develop a masterplan for Otterpool Park, so that a planning application can be submitted. The masterplan, shaped by the community, will enable forward planning of the necessary utilities and services, as well as infrastructure requirements including roads, schools and medical facilities.


This very long-term project, lasting for at least 30 years, will be developed gradually and shaped by the views and preferences of local people and businesses through ongoing and consistent engagement and consultation.


Consultation with the local community will start very soon.  The first events are scheduled for December 2016 and further details will be available shortly. Topics for consideration include architecture, infrastructure and sustainability, as well as landscape, public realm and transport.


The concept of a garden town, which combines the best of town and country living, has been successfully demonstrated by places such as Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City.

It remains as relevant today as when it was first introduced more than 100 years ago.

Cinque Ports Bulletin Sunday 13 November 2016