RDC Reply to Bargain Box Problem with a Statement


The following Statement has been made  by a “Rother District Council Spokesman” Read it carefully and see if you can see one answer provided to the Bargain Box questions.

“While the district council collects business rates, we are not responsible for setting the rateable value of properties.

(No but Rother District Council are responsible for producing the details on which the Valuation Office Agency assesses the rateable value)


“This is a decision taken by the government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA).      (on the basis of Rother’s businesses property details)

“In this instance, we understand that the rateable value of the property has increased as a result of alterations made by the owners.                                                 (If this is the case then why has Rother failed to furnish details on all the other businesses in Rye that have air conditioning installed?)

“The owner has the right to appeal against this increase to the VOA.                      (Why don’t Rother District Council appeal on his behalf – It is their mistake they have singled him out)

“If the appeal fails and the owner feels that the business rates liability cannot be met, an application can be made to the council for discretionary rate relief on the grounds of hardship.”                                                                                                                        (This is a man who has paid his way all his life, why should he go ‘cap in hand’ when it’s Rother that are out of order?)

A VOA spokesperson said they cannot comment on individual cases and business owners can contact them if they think their rateable value is unfair.                      (No the VOA can’t but Rother have failed to explain WHY Bargain Box has been singled out)

The people of Rye require an answer

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