Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

                  Rye’s very Own Dance Talent

I would be grateful if you could mention in your pen & ink page Rye Dance Centre.

My family and I attended the White Rock theatre in Hastings on February 2nd to watch the “RYE DANCE CENTRE” perform there incredible dance show called RECYCLED.

Pen & Ink

This event was very entertaining it deserves to be mentioned in the Rye’s Own magazine.

There true character was shown throughout each performance, what a memorable show each scene was brilliant and stunning.

All there dedication and hard work representing Rye at this theatre were truly shown.

One can only describe this very entertaining event as “simply the best”!

Rodney Booth

                     ‘Rye Pub Memories’

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the letter in April’s Rye’s Own regarding Charles Ditcher former landlord of the Oak Inn. I can confirm his name is on the Licensees Register for Rye for the years 1897 to 1899.

I would like to acknowledge several readers who have shared their ‘Rye Pub Memories’ and photographs with me. They include Elizabeth Goldsworthy, Ted and Barbara Jones, David Shepherd, Julie Brett and Eveline Gillians of Oxfordshire.

I am collecting all Rye pub memories and photographs for inclusion in any future edition of my book. In particular details of the Ferry Boat Inn from the 1960’s on-wards are ‘a bit thin on the ground’.

I look forward to hearing from anyone on the subject of Rye pubs.

David Russell.

Bob Woolley the window cleaner’s cart. Both he and brother Joe operated from push carts. Brother Joe carried out a Green Grocery round on his hand cart.

 From the May 2013 “Rye’s Own”

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