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Dear Editor

What a surprise to find that someone actually wanted to read more of my ramblings. It had occurred to me to write again, if only to clear up the mystery of Jimper’s PUZZLING. He is getting too technical with his reasoning, as it is merely a Sussex dialect corruption from the plant ‘PURSLANE’, which covers a good deal of such areas.

On the subject of village life, how things have changed!

The Boys Club from London who used to holiday down here and featured in the cricket match I mentioned, also played football. At this time our cows wandered loose in the area. As they were playing one day, a lad took a sliding tackle through several large cow pats and got up well covered. He looked at Father and said “I say guv’nor, It’s a good job your cows can’t fly.” Another local boy, still alive and living in Rye, liked to help round-up the cows but was supposed to go home after Sunday School to change first. He met Father and his Brother on his way home and joined them, still in his Sunday best. One cow was a bit slow so he gave her a bit of help with his stick. Being summer time and plenty of grass, her reaction was instant, the boy was subjected to manure from above. He went home and was met at the door by his mother and said “Mum, the old cow did this me.” Mother told him “I already knew that much”.

Up to the time of the Harbour Disaster, Father and several others ran a Concert Party down here, and sometimes drove down the Marsh and did a Concert. One night they performed at Brookland, and when it was time to go home they were fog bound. The only safe way along the road was with one passenger standing on the running board with a torch.

Vaguely aware of following motors they were surprised to hear the Vicar say on Sunday that he was including the hymn ‘Lead kindly light’ as he had been able to follow them right across the Marsh.

Anyhow, enough of my rabbit, lets see if your loyal readers have had enough, as I may still have the odd tale to tell.

Graham Saunders

Rye Harbour

Dear Editor,

Many of your readers will have seen or heard of the letter that Tesco has been sending out to councillors and others about a public exhibition revealing their plans for a store on the Lower School (Ferry Road) site.

This will take place on Thursday, 2nd September at the Community Learning Centre, (FE Centre) Rye. Members of Tesco’s development team will be on hand to explain the proposals and answer resident’s questions.

I recommend that all those that are able take the time to visit the Centre on the 2nd September.

Please pass on this message to anyone of your local friends and neighbours.

Granville Bantick Chairman of the Campaign for a Democratic Rye.

Dear Editor,

What is going on in Rye?Will it be Sainsbury or Tesco that puts in the new supermarket? The County Council seem to be doing things behind the back of Rye’s elected council.

Sarah French

by email

The Rye Fund

Thanks to the generosity of local people and with the benefit of substantial match funding received under the government’s Grass roots Endowment Challenge, we are delighted to report that The Rye Fund has now reached just over £60,000.

This means that grant awards of £2600 will be available this year to support local charitable organisations in Rye and District. Applications are now invited from established charities in Rye and from its surrounding villages (up to a radius of nine km). Grants will be between £100 and £500.

The closing date for applications is 29th October 2010 and simple application forms can be downloaded from the Sussex Community Foundation website process.php or a copy obtained from the office (01273 409440) email info@sussexgiving.

We would like to hear from anyone engaged in local community affairs and living in the area of benefit who might consider serving on the Panel.

For further information please contact John Holbrook, Chairman, Rye Fund Local Panel, on 01797 – 229 364.

Rye’s Own September 2010

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