One In One Out

One in – one out seemed to be the order of the day when The Rev’d Howard Cocks S.S.C retired from both The Church of St Thomas the Martyr Winchelsea and The Rye & Winchelsea Rotary Club.

Bernard Reis

Bernard Reis, a retired import/export expert, became Howard’s replacement at Rye Rotary. Bernard brings a wealth of experience with him having worked both in the Republic of Djibouti and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. He has also been a member of Rotary in ‘Addis’ as a result Rye Rotary in now investigating new ways for Rotary to help fight poverty in the ‘Horn of Africa’.

Rev’d Howard
Cocks S.S.C

Derek Bayntun Rye’s Foundation Chairman is immensely enthusiastic about the potential of the project “we started out thinking that Bernard’s contacts might partner us to deliver a little local aid, then we realised that with kicks backs from our previous donations to Rotary Foundation, matching grants and donations we could be looking at a £30,000/ £40,000 overall project – quiet scary if you dwell on the potential for too long”.

He continued.

“This project is precisely what we have been waiting for, the Club has taken the view for some time that most of Asia is now self sufficient or will be shortly, likewise with most of Eastern Europe.

British Government aid to India stops shortly as will EU aid to China sometime afterwards, reinforcing our attitude. Africa is by far the most deserving of aid recipients in our view and targeted aid is best carried out by local trusted contacts, such as Addis Ababa Rotary”During his seven year membership of Rye Rotary Howard Cocks had been on of the clubs most popular members serving as Membership Officer/Welfare Officer & Health & Safety Officer. Following his retirement he has now moved to the Barbican area of London, with the intention of enjoying ‘the local arts scene’.

The Rotary Foundation is a charity owned and run by Rotary International and all clubs world wide are encouraged to contribute to it. Currently the Foundation is best known for its links with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their joint fight with polio eradication.

“Rye’s Own” February 2013

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