My Trip to the Mermaid Inn

Written by Tia-Jade Polley aged 11.

One sunny day in the beautiful town of Rye I awoke to feel butterflies in my tummy knowing I was going to the famous Mermaid Inn for a ghost tour.

On arrival I met Mr. Pinwill and Mrs. Judith Blincow, Judith was the one taking me on the fabulous tour. As we were going into the first room I felt mixed emotions of what I would see or feel. When I stepped into the Elizabethan Bedroom I felt the floor slope away is was very different to home and school! When I looked around I noticed this beautiful, heavy, old, oak four poster bed right up to the ceiling, it was amazing as you have trouble to find them these days! As the doors in the hotel were narrow most of the furniture was made in the rooms. In a little corner was a secret door in the panel, which led to a secret passage where the Smugglers and Catholics were hidden until the boats came in on the tide so they could sneak to France. In this passage was also another mysterious door hiding a little toilet, as they had to go somewhere!

In the Foyer is a picture of a leader of the smugglers apparently one day when it was being cleaned something unusual happened first there was only a beard then the face and hat appeared woohh!!

We then scurried down to the wine cellar which is the oldest part of the building dated eleven fifty – six Norman time. Suddenly it struck very chilly.

In 1156 the Mermaid was burned down when the French invaded the town they destroyed everything that wasn’t made of stone. In 1420 the Mermaid was re-built.

We then visited Dr Syns lounge which was also used as a secret chapel for the Catholics. Where there are secret carvings of the Tudor rose and if you look closely you can see inscribed J. H. S (Jesus Homnium Salvater/ Jesus Savious of man). This was forbidden to day, as they were Catholics.

On leaving I thanked Mr. Pinwill and Mrs. Blincow for the chance to see and hear about one of the most famous hotels in England. I think the best bit, it belongs to two local people who just love the hotel!

We sadly didn’t see any ghosts but did they see us, who knows!! OOOH

“Rye’s Own” July 2007

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