Movie Club Dines

The Movie Club Dines at the Ship

Highlight of the Rye & District Movie Society’s Annual Dinner, held at the Ship Inn on Friday, March 8th, was the screening and judging of the two films made by separate units within the club for the 1968 East Sussex Inter-Club Film Competition. Miss H. Dann, Senior Mistress at the Rye Grammar School, Mr. A. Homer, the Society’s President and Mrs. Homer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Catt, Vice-Presidents, were the five judges and after a long debate gave their decision to “And So To Bed”. “And So To Bed” is a clever little story of a man’s imagination and his recollection of things that used to be.

And So To Bed - Starring Valerie Harvey
And So To Bed – Starring Valerie Harvey

The film was beautifully directed and the all important lighting effects were perfectly achieved. Anthony Tookey and Valerie Harvey were the stars of this pleasing production, and Director Jeffery Waters got great performances out of them. Anthony seems to be type-cast as the RudolphValentino of Rye, this is not the first film in which he has managed to get involved in amorous scenes with the leading lady. Clive Wall was the cameraman. The other film, “Sporran Affairs”, involved a much larger cast and could be described as a satirical comedy. It stars David Smeed as “Paddy”, the Sporran Agent. Maureen Hullock is an enemy agent, and she will no doubt remember her performance as an unintentional swim in a boating scene that went wrong, for a long time to come. Bert Longmore is a convincing ’Harold you know who, and Pauline Morris played Breathalyser Barbara with relish. Peter Boulter, as the Rt. Hon. George Green, Sporran Secre­tary, gave a polished performance and will no doubt be appearing in forthcoming productions. ‘The winning film becomes the Society’s entry for the 1968 East Sussex Inter-Club Competi­tion. THE iNTER-CLUB COMPETITION WAS HELD ON MARCH 19th. THE RESULT AND REPORT OF THIS EVENT APPEARS ELSEWHERE IN THIS ISSUE.

Rye Movie Society Dinner


From the April 1968 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

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