Monty’s Rolls




Field Marshal Montgomery’s Rolls Royce will almost certainly be one of the attractions at this year’s War & Peace Revival at Hythe.

War & Peace


This 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith was used by Field Marshal Montgomery as his staff car for the 1944-45 North West Europe Campaign. It was the first civilian vehicle to land in Normandy after the Allied Invasion.

Monty's Rolls


Three days after the 6 June D-Day invasion, Montgomery’s Rolls Royce was brought ashore at Juno Beach .

This new five-day military and vintage festival at Folkestone Racecourse, RAF Westenhanger, Hythe, will be packed full of education and entertainment bringing the Dunkirk Spirit to this historic corner of Kent. A special Schools’ Day programme will see schools from across Kent and beyond visiting for a unique event, giving the pupils unrivalled access to history at its most vivid and interactive, providing a truly memorable experience.

Visitors to the new War and Peace Revival will be able to catch up with friends while watching the incredible action-packed battle re-enactments – not just a group of people running around playing soldiers but a full-scale choreographed battle to give you a taste of the action at the Front! Get right up close to the action, but through a safe and vehicle-free zone. And if preferred, the main grandstand will give superb viewing opportunities from the terraces or even the Restaurant!

Thousands of military vehicles are expected to gather at the new venue from around the world representing the armies of the 20th century. Look out for tanks, artillery, armoured and amphibious vehicles, cars, Jeeps, bicycles and motorbikes, emergency and commercial vehicles – and lots more.

Living History scenes will provide a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from WW1 to the present – see the British living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, Russians relaxing with an accordion after a hard day in battle, or Germans plotting their next moves!

And much, much more….

Rye’s Own Bulletin Thursday 24 March 2016