Letter from America

Our American correspondent, one time Rye girl Sylvia (Sperring) Hewitt sends this report of American family life from Medford, Oragon:

Dateline Rye’s Own December 2002

Hewitt’s News

Summer is now officially over and winter is just around the corner. We had a very hot, dry one this year, into the 100s quite regularly……

My daughter’s wedding day went off without a hitch, no major problems or “falling outs ” !!!!! Lots of people, food and drink, and I believe a good time was had by all.. I was so happy that Jim and Jo of “Rye’s Own” could be there, and I know it meant a lot to Jodee. The only ‘draw- back’ was that it was too hot, 101 to be exact. I was worrying about “what if it rains”……never giving much thought to it being too hot, should have known better!!! The newly-weds are now settling into their new home and are doing just fine. I have not asked yet about a grand-child…. I’ll hold off on that question for a while.

That night after the festivities were over, we had quite a hail storm, fortunately it did not last long….. but that is when the lightening strikes caused the fires that were all around and plagued us all thru the summer. Our days were HOT and SMOKEY for over two months, when they eventually did get the fires under control, it was nice to breath the fresh-air again… Over 700,000 acres in this area alone burned, the number for all the fires in the different States was well over the six million mark, and 24 fire-fighters lost their lives……. The President even came to our area to see the damage that had been done.

I do not believe in ‘clear-cutting’ our forests, but thick under-brush, diseased and dead trees along with partial thinning has to be done, more healthy trees were burned this year than would have been logged…. fires like these cannot happen every year. My hubby, who was born and raised here in the Valley and was a volunteer fire-fighter for 35 years, says this year for fires was the worst he has ever known it … On a brighter note, we did manage to get away with some of the family to the coast, so did get a break from the smoke for a while….

Now we are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday and dinner, which I believe I am cooking, can’t figure how I managed to get that ‘chore’.

One can only hope that in 2003 we will get some stability and peace in the world.

So Happy Holidays to you all,

Sylvia “Rye’s Own” December 2002

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