Hugh is Open for Business

Hugh is Down but Not Out

Hugh Sutton’s well loved little shop on the Winchelsea Beach road, was all but demolished by a car that drove into the side and out through the back at 12.30 am on Tuesday morning. Stock and shelving was destroyed and the building itself was left in danger of collapsing altogether.

Hugh, who has worked this shop for as long as most people can remember, was determined not to let his many customers down and immediately set about getting up and running again.

With the help of neighbours and friends  a massive  clear-up was started. Builder friends have made the building safe and Hugh has open for business.

A true Englishman, nothing will stop him serving his customers.

From this                                                     To this in one day


The Morning After
The Open Sign is up





Rye’s Own Bulletin Friday 5 May 2017