From “Rye’s Own” November 2003

Three Interests

Hazel Duckworth, well known Rye antiques expert, familiar to all in
the trade who attended Rye Auction Galleries and numerous Antique
Fairs up and down the country, died at her Rye home at the beginning
of October, losing her last brave struggle against a cruel illness.
A funeral Service at St. Mary’s was attended by her family, colleagues
from Rye Auction Galleries and antique traders from all over Kent
and Sussex.
A eulogy from old friend Colin Sands related how Hazel had helped
him through his own terrible times, supporting him when all others
had turned their backs on him. There were few dry eyes in the church
as those present related to some of Colin’s experiences and remembered
how Hazel had helped them through tough times with her inspirational
words and kind deeds.

Hazel Duckworth - Rye Auction Galleries Ceramics and Antiques Expert
Hazel Duckworth – Rye Auction Galleries Ceramics and Antiques Expert

Hazel, who lived in Rye with husband Tom had three great interests
in her life, her family, her animals and her antiques. Her knowledge
of ceramics and victoriana was unequalled. She ran a shop in Rochester
with her granddaughter Gemma until recently. Since then she spent
more time working at Rye Auction Galleries along with Gemma, who is
now employed full time at the saleroom and has used the knowledge
passed on to her by her Nan to help fill the enormous gap that has
been left. Hazel’s daughter Tracey also works part-time at the Rye
I myself owe Hazel a great deal. Not just for the things she so unselfishly
taught me about ceramics. You make many acquaintances as you go through
life but very few true friends. True friends are the ones that are
there when the chips are down and the going gets tough. Hazel was
there for me.
Tom and all the family can draw strength from the life they have shared
with Hazel. The precious times they spent together will always be
a part of them.

Jim Hollands.