Faces From The Past The Silverhill Club 1912

Roland Jempson sent in this historic photograph depicting members of the Silverhill Club taken at Silverhill Junction, presumably outside the Club Headquarters in Seddlescombe Road North.

1912Judging from the clothes the period was Edwardian, possibly around 1912. The only character identified is Roland’s grandfather, Arthur Ernest Jempson (4th. from left on the back row). Can any of our readers identify others? It was a long time ago, possibly the same year as the sinking of the Titanic.

Arthur Jempson
Arthur Jempson

The gentlemen were all wearing something on their lapel, could it be a club badge or was it a declaration of some special day?

The Silverhill Club is still going strong, it is now a leisure centre and gymnasium. There must be many who know something of the early history of the Club.

Hastings & St. Leonards Athletic : Photos from the Roland Jempson

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