Letters From the Dead

As we go to press on Friday evening 24 June, disturbing reports are coming in from readers telling of parcels of mail, much showing signs of tampering, that have been forwarded by the Rye Royal Mail office with items dating back to at least 1996.

A spokesman for the Royal Mail tells us that the letters and other items of post were found in woods at Broad Oak and cover dates from 1996 to 2000 and that an investigation is under way.

One lady told us that she received a letter posted eleven years ago from a friend of the family who died before the Millennium. In it she mentioned enclosing money for her friends two children. The letter had been opened and no money was found inside. There were also two Christmas cards from different senders telling her to buy herself something with the enclosed, the cards had also been opened and no cash was found.

One elderly lady told us she had not slept after receiving the letters and fragments of cards etc. in her polythene bag from the Royal Mail at Rye. “I thought it must have been a joke at first” she told us “but then another member of my family phoned and told me they had received mail from the past from Rye Post Office, also tampered with.” The Royal Mail have said they will recompense those who have proof of their loses.

Another lady told us that things are not right in the world when the Royal Mail cannot be trusted to transmit mail safely. She recalled that during the Second World War she never lost one thing in the post, despite the efforts of Hitler. “What is the world coming to?” she asked.

The mystery deepened when a further parcel of mail was found in a pond, also at Broad Oak. Where has this mail been for the past six to eleven years? The Royal Mail spokesman could not tell us but commented that everyone at the Royal Mail at Rye were shocked and upset.

It is hoped the mystery will soon be solved and that there will be no chance of a repetition.

             Keith Glazier takes up Cycle Path Cause

Rye’s new County Council representative Keith Glazier has taken interest in the proposed cycle / footpath from Rye to Rye Harbour.

Keith has recently taken over from Peter Jones as Rye’s representative on the County Council. Peter Jones promised he would do his best to get things moving and he was instrumental in getting a ‘Feasibility study’ under way. This has favoured a pathway adjacent to the EAST side of the Road as opposed to the WEST that was the expected route.

Construction could be under way by the Autumn. Not a minute too soon as every day that goes by risks the chances of another horrific accident on this thoroughly dangerous strip of road.

“Rye’s Own” July 2005

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