Great Month’s for Rye

August has been another great month for Rye. The Medieval Festival, Trafalgar Celebrations, Horse Show and Raft Race, to name but a few of activities. And the fun continues into September with the Rye Festival.

For those of you who are very rare visitors to the theatre this is a wonderful opportunity to watch a variety of shows, music events and enjoy important literary experiences in venues that are very familiar. Those with artistic leanings can enjoy a variety of fringe events including art shows. Most are free.

The Festival, now recognised as one of the best ten in the country, caters for all tastes, from classical to jazz. A comprehensive programme is available from Philips and Stubbs who are also booking agents. All Festival events are listed in the Dairy pages in this issue. Make the most of your Festival, there are people travelling hundreds of miles to get here in time for this special event. Those that live in the town are no more than three miles from every event on the list.

                  Support for the Support Officer

Dan Bevan is a great Community Police Support Officer, but he cannot be on duty around the clock. His conventional police back up has not been seen so often in recent weeks, for which the Police have had a very good excuse but violent crime in Rye has started to rise again. There have been several incidents in Ferry Road between midnight and 2am, usually on Fridays of Saturdays and now we learn that the cleaner of the toilets has been attacked. Dan Bevan is a big chap and most would think twice about attacking him but, even though he is a CPSO he should have immediate support he can call on, especially on Saturday nights.

                      Interesting Stuff in October

Next month’s magazine is shaping up well with a Frank Palmer Special about escaping French prisoners using Rye as a jump off point on their way to France. How the crew that rowed them all the way to the French coast were apprehended on their return. The ensuing court case and sentencing. And a local man’s adventurers after being shipwrecked on a cold Antarctic Island for many month.

“Rye’s Own” September 2005

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