Doris Eugenie Preece

The death of Doris Eugenie aged 95. Doris was the eldest child of the Sargent family from Icklesham and she was a little mother to her brother and sisters. She married and lived at Cricklewood and had two daughters.

On the death of her husband she returned to Rye living in West Undercliffe and then Strand Court before going into a Nursing Home. During this period she devoted her time helping with the W.V.S., cooking for Meals on Wheels until well into her eighties and also in any other way she could help. She was also a member of the W.I. and was a keen member of their darts team. She was a regular worshipper at St. Mary’s Church.

Her proudest possession was her medal for services to W.V.S. and also meeting the Queen Mother. She was devoted to her two daughters and grandchildren. She loved to be with them and to give them treats.

So many people have said there was nothing she refused to help with and was greatly missed when she became too old to carry on. Doris was cremated at Hastings. Her ashes were spread on her mother’s grave at Icklesham. She will be sadly missed by her many friends and her family.

These words were sent to her sister Phyllis by her neice who found them in “Yours Magazine”.

Throw my ashes to the wind and let them blow at will, Twirling and whirling with each gust, they never will be still. Some fall up on a blade of grass and some fall out to sea, All the shackles of old life will go, I’m free, I’m free, I’m free. See me on a spider’s web blowing in the breeze, The Potteries of Rye Society will be holding their Annual General Meeting at the Stormont Gallery from 11.00am on Saturday 12 November. After coffee on arrival members will visit the Rye Museum to view the collection of Rye Pottery. Members make their own lunch arrangements and then return to the Stormont Gallery for the Annual General Meeting (not usually a lengthy affair!) followed by viewing, buying, and selling of pots. New members will be most welcome. Rye Pottery Loving Cup David Sharp Buccaneer

See me on the church pews, when you are on your knees. I’m here, I’m there, I’m all around, oh no, I’m not that shy, It was a lovely, lovely life, now I’m halfway to the sky. One speck may fall upon a rose, then mixed with dew drops fine Is picked by you- and I shall say It’s me- I’m part of time.

From “Rye’s Own “ November 2005

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