Clown on the Run

Man chased by man dressed as a clown

Sussex Police are warning residents and visitors to be aware of a new trend involving individuals dressed as clowns.

Beware of Clowns
Be aware of idiots dressed as Clowns

This is of American origin but has been swept here via social media. Reports from all over the UK are coming in of this ‘clown prank’ that has serious implications for children and those of a nervous disposition. It could also have serious consequences for any clown that is caught.

Eastbourne Police have received a report from a cyclist, who was riding north along the national cycle route to Golden Jubilee Way on Wednesday (October 5), about a person dressed as a clown who jumped out from a bush holding what he believed to be an offensive weapon.

The man didn’t speak to him and made no attempts to harm him but was still shaken by the incident.

Sussex Police are aware this is a new trend that has come over from America and as Halloween is approaching, they are asking residents to report any occurrences.

Sergeant Ed Ripley said “This is a very irresponsible act which could impact significantly on the wellbeing of people who are targeted by these pranksters. The man in this incident on Wednesday was dressed distinctly as a clown with a red wig.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in Eastbourne. Police will investigate incidents of this nature.”

Eastbourne’s Neighbourhood Policing Team will be running increased patrols within anti-social behaviour hotspots to ensure that disruption to residents is minimal. If you have any information or feel as though you have been a victim of anti-social behaviour please call us on 101, in an emergency always dial 999.

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Saturday 8 October 2016