Ancient Items

Dear Editor

I enclose some ancient items which I think will be of interest to readers of “Rye’s Own”. They belonged to my father & family. Jean (Wood) Hastings

Butt Marsh Receipt

Among the items sent were three allotment receipts for D.16 which was a plot on Butt Marsh East Gardens. The one depicted is the earliest dated 1935 with the rent at 6s.8d. (33p.) per year. The other two (not illustrated) are for 1942, rent still 6s.8d. and the third for 1952 when the rent had gone up to 8 shillings (40p.)

Gymnasts at Rye Boys Club
Gymnasts at Rye Boys Club

These two pictures are a puzzle. The bottom one is marked Rye Athletic Club on the back but the instructors at the rear look like gymnasts. In the top picture they are certainly gymnasts and one at least appears in both pictures, although with a bit of an age difference. The lads at the front are holding footballs. There seem to be two possibilities. One, they are Rye Athletic Club of the early fifties or two, they are the Rye Gymnastic team who I recall put on shows at fete’s and Sports Days. I do not recognise any of them. Can readers help?

“Rye’s Own” January 2010

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