Amazing Trend in Local EU In or Out Debate

Surprising, Unexpected Trending


A surprising and unexpected trending in the In / Out European Referendum debate has revealed itself on a 2000 member plus local Facebook Group group.

David Charles of The Real March Watch put the question :-

So people how would you vote on Europe yes/no to stay in Europe ?

Battle of Britain
They Fought Over the Marsh

The answer was amazing. – Despite many peoples previous reticence to state their feelings pro leave –  because they were frightened of being associated with Right Wing Racist movements –  the simple Yes/No answers poured in and comments and reasoning, stay in or leave, were expounded by many.

After three hours on Thursday 4 February 50 people had ‘cast their intentions’ there were 32 wanting OUT and 18 wishing to stay IN – Around 50% more wanting to leave the EU than to stay in it!

If the national vote followed this trend it would mean two thirds of the electorate would choose to leave the European Union.

David Cameron has an enormous bridge to cross if he wants to convince a majority to vote to stay in.

Details taken from “The Real March Watch” Facebook Group.

“Rye’s Own Bulletin”  Thursday 4 February 2016

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