50 Years of Rye Characters

Who were the great Rye Characters of the past 50 years, the ‘Movers & Shakers’ who have contributed to the history of this, the best little town in the whole of Britain? – On this page we feature only a fraction of those who have played a colourful part over the past half century. There are so many more.

Several thousand pictures, articles and people included in these pages from the birth of Rye’s Own in November 1965 to the present date, can be found on the RYE’S OWN WEBSITE at ryesown.co.uk To look for anyone specific go to the search station on the site or simply Google the name followed by the words Rye’s Own. e.g. Frank Palmer Rye’s Own.

Everyone who has appeared in or been mentioned in any edition of Rye’s Own is, or will be, in the web file. There has never been such a comprehensive collection of Rye History, ancient and modern and of Rye people and Rye events, in one place with such easy access. Photographs and film of times long gone or right up to date make the site entertaining and educational. It is a completely safe site where young and old will all find something of interest.

Nostalgia makes up a large proportion of the content and their are many personal reminiscences from readers that go back, even beyond the beginning of the last century.

The Rye’s Own Website is completely free to our readers and all lovers of Rye.

Thanks to readers who buy the monthly magazine, contributors who do not charge for their articles and photographs and advertisers who have supported us over the years, we plan to continue this completely independent local publication for the next 50 years.


God Save England and the Town of Rye

First Published in “Rye’s Own” November 2015

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