Greatest Military Show

The Greatest Military Show on Earth- and it is on our very Doorstep at Hythe.

This year the War & Peace Revival will be at it’s permanent site on the old Folkestone Racecourse (RAF Westernhanger during the War) and will be a five Continue reading Greatest Military Show

War & Peace – Herman

By Maggie George

I had intended baking a new Herman-the-German Friendship cake yesterday. As many of you will know, I frequently make these delicious cakes and they have become a firm favourite amongst my friends and family, especially the grandchildren who love to help me, stirring the mixture and scraping out the bowl afterwards. Continue reading War & Peace – Herman

Six Spoons Of Sugar

The Story of a WWll Evacuee,

By Richard Holdsworth,

“Six spoons of sugar, Mister, What’s that about?”.

“It’s the Rationing allocation during the war. Six tiny teaspoons.”

“For kids like me?” Continue reading Six Spoons Of Sugar

War And Peace Revival At Hythe Former Racecourse

War & Peace Revival At Hythe Former Racecourse is Venue For 1000’s of Vintage Vehicles.

This exciting five-day military and vintage festival will be packed full of education and entertainment bringing the Dunkirk Spirit to this historic corner of Kent. A special Schools’ Day programme will see schools from across Kent and beyond visiting for a unique event, giving the pupils unrivalled access to history at its most vivid and interactive, providing a truly memorable experience. Continue reading War And Peace Revival At Hythe Former Racecourse

Famous Vehicles for the 2013 War & Peace Revival

1925 Rolls Royce 20hp Tourer.

Hunting Car Owned by King Alphonso of Spain

Chassis number GSK20

Registration number BAK958

An extraordinary car Bodied By Vanden Plas. The coachwork is a one off and rakish in the extreme. Designed as a hunting car, the roof is of the disappearing kind giving an unimpaired swing of a gun when seated in the rear occasional Continue reading Famous Vehicles for the 2013 War & Peace Revival