In Memory of Nellie

Ellen Mary Owen (Nellie) Affleck (Bailey).

Older readers will remember ‘Nellie’ Bailey who emigrated to Canada after the War.Ellen passed away on 17 January 2004 aged 89. She leaves a son and daughter grandchildren and great grandchildren. Continue reading In Memory of Nellie

Letter from America

Our American correspondent, one time Rye girl Sylvia (Sperring) Hewitt sends this report of American family life from Medford, Oragon:

Dateline Rye’s Own December 2002

Hewitt’s News

Summer is now officially over and winter is just around the corner. We had a very hot, dry one this year, into the 100s quite regularly…… Continue reading Letter from America

Letter From America

From our American correspondent Sylvia Hewitt

Now that the holidays are over with for another year, it is time to get back to a normal routine, what ever that may be… The gift giving to the Grandkids has got much easier, they are all older and all have such different interests we now just give them money and they can get or put it toward whatever they want, so for me it is definitely much simpler, and I like simple !!!!!!! Continue reading Letter From America

My England?

By Jimper

“England, you are the weakest link – Goodbye!”

England, what is happening to my England? Once a proud nation now rapidly becoming a third world power. No longer do we have our destiny in our hands – it is now controlled by other Countries. We have not got an English Government it is made up of Welsh and Scottish members they have control of their own destiny and representatives in our Parliament. Englishmen are not represented in theirs. We live on an island but are not allowed to catch our own fish unless the men in Brussels say so. Continue reading My England?

Reach for the Sky Over Rye

Mr. OgiIvy’s flight from Camber Sands, 1911 flying a Wright Biplane

In 1911 Alec Ogilvie stayed in Rye and flew his aircraft, a Wright Brothers Biplane, powered by an N.E.C. Short engine.

Alec Ogilvey on Camber Sands after his Flight a

He was attempting to win the coveted Michelin Cup, put up by the tyre company for the longest flight. Continue reading Reach for the Sky Over Rye