Remembrance In The Park

Lest we forget’ Remembrance Sunday, November 8th 2015

Ion Castro was in Hastings’ beautiful Alexandra Park with his camera.

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Apple Juice Gets Official Seal Of Approval…

Hastings Deputy Mayor, Judy Rogers was greeted by the Buckswood School Bagpipe Band when she visited the school to try the apple juice made by the students with fruit from the School’s orchard this week. Commenting on the juice, the Deputy Mayor said that it ‘tasted very good’ and was fascinated to learn more about the project from Buckswood Headteacher, Mark Redsell. Continue reading Apple Juice Gets Official Seal Of Approval…

Rope Walk Arcade

The Place Where Anyone Can Try Their Hand At Business Without Losing Their Shirt.


When the Waters Family decided to change their milk supply depot in Rope Walk into an Arcade of 32 Shops it was Bill Waters who took on the job of demolition and construction. Continue reading Rope Walk Arcade

The Simple Things In Life Are Best

By Tony May

Having been left some money by my Nan and with plenty of operational and space problems to deal with on my existing machine, I took the plunge recently and invested in a new laptop. Now, I am as technophobic as they come and so, on the advice of friends, have always stuck to Mac computers. I last bought a Mac in 2009 and have used it virtually every day since and sometimes for 4 or 5 hours a day. Continue reading The Simple Things In Life Are Best

When The World Was Younger

”Street Cred’ was not measured by the latest ‘smart phone’ but who could get the largest inflated ‘inner tube’ …. Paul Vincent This publication has always been known for its high ‘nostalgia’ content. Why do our readers enjoy these articles, pictures and memories from the past? Continue reading When The World Was Younger